Sound of Colors

Modern art paintings inspired by the martial art of Taekwondo. Painting with the same strength that lets us breathe.  

Roberto Leonardi draws strength from his love for Taekwondo and creates unique modern art paintings. Experience LEONARDIarte at his art gallery in Mauterndorf, Salzburg.

This type of modern art painting arose from my love for the martial art Taekwondo. The paint is forcefully thrown on to the canvas – from bottles, buckets or with my bare hands. 

The paint collides with the canvas. The colours make sounds and speak to me. A touching dialogue.
"This state of consciousness allows archetypes to emerge as a visible expression for a reality that cannot be seen.
She only opens to those who love her".

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an interactive work of art, which is made up of completely unique magnetic panels on a metal frame.    


Modern art paintings created out of pure intuition. “I paint the way I live, and I live the way I paint"

OUT OF THE COCOON – Dance of Colors

Colours crystallise and take shape. I watch the play of colours with astonishment.

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Project RED BULL COLLECTION / Bag collection made from original Red Bull can tabs

Exclusive Red Bull bag collection: designed by Roberto Leonardi Artist and designer Roberto Leonardi from Mauterndorf in Salzburg used original Red Bull can tabs to create a unique and glamorous Red Bull bag collection. The pull tabs of the cans styled to make exclusive products.The distinctive Red Bull can tabs inspired Roberto Leonardi to create a line of products which have enjoyed cult status from the very beginning.


Harvest Festival “Geometric Countryside” Lungau 2002/2003, Riva del Garda 2004 Geometrical landscaping design – unique outdoor art created by Roberto Leonardi. Have a look at the impressive landscape sculptures as they harmonise with their natural surroundings.

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