6 to 8 July 2019 | Hall C1 | Booth C46

Twice a year, every January and July, the established trade fair “TrendSet — International Living and Lifestyle Fair for Consumer Goods” takes place in Munich, Germany

TrendSet features around 2,500 brands and collections from almost 40 countries regularly presented by manufacturers, importers, and commercial agencies. This wide variety has elevated TrendSet to the largest trade fair of its kind in the southern German-speaking region.

TrendSet is only for the industry, not open to the public. On a regular basis, TrendSet welcomes 35,000 attendees from the specialty trade, mail order and catalogue order trades, and other retailers that are interested in beautiful living and life indoors and outdoors, with practical and elegant products for the kitchen, dining area, bath, and office, and wonderful ideas for giving and decorating besides. All these retailers take advantage of TrendSet as a platform for gaining information and placing orders early in the ordering cycle of the consumer goods trade.

Like every year we openour exhibition seasonwith the TRENDSET|BIJOUTEX, where we present the first news from the collections LEONARDIarte and ROBERTO LEONARDI 2019.

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THE BOX Rüsselsheim near Frankfurt

24  to 26 August 2019  | Booth details will follow


6 to 10 September 2019 | Booth details follow

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