terms & conditions

§ 1 Scope, customer information
The following general terms & conditions govern the contractual relationship between ROBERTO LEONARDI and traders who purchase goods via our shop. We do not accept terms that conflict with, or differ from, our terms & conditions. The contractual language is German.

§ 2 Conclusion of an agreement
(1) The offers on the internet represent a non-binding invitation to purchase goods.
(2) By entering your data and clicking on the order button, you place a binding order with a purchase agreement. You can also place a binding order via telephone or fax.
(3) The confirmation of receipt sent promptly via e-mail or fax also constitutes acceptance of your offer and concludes the purchase agreement. For telephone orders, the purchase agreement is concluded if we immediately accept your offer. If the offer is not immediately accepted, you are no longer bound by it.

§ 3 Customer information: storage of your order data
We store your order with details of the agreement concluded (e.g. type of product, price etc.). We will send you the T&Cs but you can also access them from our website at any time after the agreement has been concluded.

 As a registered customer, you can access previous orders via the customer log-in area (my customer account).

§ 4 Customer information: amendments
You can use the delete key to amend your details at any time before placing the order. During the order process, we will also inform you about further opportunities to make amendments. You can also end the order process at any time by closing the browser window.

§ 5 Limitation of your right to make warranty claims
Your right to make warranty claims due to defects in the item being purchased shall lapse one year after transfer of risk. Compensation claims, claims linked to defects that we fraudulently concealed, and claims linked to a guarantee that we provided in relation to the state of the goods are excluded from this provision. Your right of recourse as per § 478 of the German Civil Code is also excluded. Statutory periods of limitation apply for these excluded claims / rights.

§ 6 Limitation of liability
We exclude liability for negligent breaches of duty, provided that they do not relate to essential contractual obligations, claims linked to injury of life, body or health, warranties or claims under the Product Liability Act. The same applies to breaches of duty by our agents and legal representatives. Essential contractual obligations include, in particular, the obligation to hand the item over to you and to transfer ownership of it to you. We must also ensure that the item we supply you with is free from material defects and defects of title.

§ 7 Place of jurisdiction
The sole place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this agreement is our place of business, if you are a trader.

These T&Cs were prepared by janolaw lawyers and reviewed in a legal practice. janolaw AG guarantees the first-class quality of this product and shall be liable in the event of any written warnings. For further information on janolaw’s liability for warranties: http://www.janolaw.de

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