an interactive work of art, which is made up of completely unique magnetic panels on a metal frame.    

These panels can be arranged singularly on a metal frame (ready-made or customised), in whichever position one would like to organise them. 

The participant may thus create his own individual work of art in a playful manner. By doing this, a surface is created on to which the inner cosmos can be reflected symbolically, presenting the opportunity for self-recognition. 

magnART®, being a dynamic, interactive work of art, has the ability to reveal changes in consciousness and perception through its infinite range of possibilities.
The piece is never completed. Rather, it remains fluid, in a state of constant motion and always in the middle of being created (panta rhei is Greek for “everything flows”).

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Sound of Colors

Modern art paintings inspired by the martial art of Taekwondo. Painting with the same strength that lets us breathe.  


Modern art paintings created out of pure intuition. “I paint the way I live, and I live the way I paint"

OUT OF THE COCOON – Dance of Colors

Colours crystallise and take shape. I watch the play of colours with astonishment.

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Harvest Festival “Geometric Countryside” Lungau 2002/2003, Riva del Garda 2004 Geometrical landscaping design – unique outdoor art created by Roberto Leonardi. Have a look at the impressive landscape sculptures as they harmonise with their natural surroundings.

Logos & Signs

"I am interested in people, their nature, their preferences, their calling and their passions."

Interior Design

Where sensuality seeks man, instead of man seeking sensuality.

Jewellery design

Collection 2016/2017, fashion jewelery: timeless, ethno-urban, organic chic

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