Bracelet roll/ iron, nature D5.1cmx5cm


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product infos JEWELLERY:

Our jewellery products are made from
• nickle-free alloys, mainly made of zamac ( zinc, aluminium, magnesium, copper) plated with Sterling Silver ( LEONARDIarte Collection )
• brass ( KAOUKI and SAADIA Collection )
• Sterling Silver / 925°°° ( LEONARDIarte SILVER Collection )

Care instructions JEWELLERY:

Jewellery requires careful usage and storage:
• due to its sensitive patina the jewellery item should not be polished with any chemicals or abrasive materials
• don´t wear jewellery in swimming pools, sea-water or saunas•to help maintain the original beauty and quality of the jewellery, please avoid contact with direct sun light, any kind of body lotion and perfume or excessive rubbing.

How to clean the jewellery:
• rub gently with a silver cleaning cloth to remove stains. You can also use a gentle solution of water and dish washing liquid with a soft sponge
• for discolorations we recommend a specialized bath for silver jewellery (Hagerty Silver Clean). Immerse the jewellery in the solution and rotate a few seconds (not longer!). The solution now must be thoroughly removed using a soft sponge with dish washing liquid to rub all residue from the jewellery. Please be careful not to rub too hard! Then rinse thoroughly with running warm water and dry carefully.

Product infos LEATHER

ROBERTO LEONARDI®  leather accessories (belts, bracelets and bags) are made from high quality calf-, bull-, buffalo and goat leather

Care instructions LEATHER:

Good news: our belts and accessories are made from pure leather what means they do not require any impregnation or any other cleaning agents. You can hardly destroy them and they age slowly and gracefully. Frequent wearing and continous use make them remain soft and supple.
• please avoid water - it makes leather stiff. And do not treat leather with olive oil, shoe polish or any commercial skin cream - fat becomes rancid after one to two repetitions and the leather starts to smell• please use special leather oils to maintain and care your products (especially belts and larger areas of ROBERTO LEONARDI® bags, its corners and edges get particularly used-up after some time). These oils are applied sparingly by using a soft cloth.

If there are any further questions concerning material, maintainance or care please do not hesitate to contact us:

E-MAIL / TEL +43 664 43 32 242

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