OUT OF THE COCOON – Dance of Colors

Colours crystallise and take shape. I watch the play of colours with astonishment.

“In 2010 I was in Thailand and the container was packed and ready to go earlier than I had expected. I still had 14 days until the plane was to take off.
“So I filled my days with painting: an improvised studio, some paint and canvases bought from the bazaar, the humid heat during the monsoon season – this is how I produced 68 butterflies. Sometimes one needs positive stress to achieve something special.”


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an interactive work of art, which is made up of completely unique magnetic panels on a metal frame.    

Sound of Colors

Modern art paintings inspired by the martial art of Taekwondo. Painting with the same strength that lets us breathe.  


Modern art paintings created out of pure intuition. “I paint the way I live, and I live the way I paint"

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Project archtectuRING®

Unique jewellery design made from the leftover acrylic panelling of the Kunsthaus Graz 2003/2004. Creating a line of jewellery from building waste.

Logos & Signs

"I am interested in people, their nature, their preferences, their calling and their passions."

Project RED BULL COLLECTION / Bag collection made from original Red Bull can tabs

Exclusive Red Bull bag collection: designed by Roberto Leonardi Artist and designer Roberto Leonardi from Mauterndorf in Salzburg used original Red Bull can tabs to create a unique and glamorous Red Bull bag collection. The pull tabs of the cans styled to make exclusive products.The distinctive Red Bull can tabs inspired Roberto Leonardi to create a line of products which have enjoyed cult status from the very beginning.

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